...look after orphans and widows in their distress... 

James 1:27

How is your church doing looking after the most vulnerable? The work is complex and touches 

society's most broken parts: abuse, neglect, addiction, incarceration, racial inequality, poverty and much more.

Project Belong VA helps churches become places where:

  • Caring for vulnerable children is part of the church culture

  • The congregation is consistently encouraged to love vulnerable children. Few will be called to foster or adopt, but everyone can do something to help.

  • Foster, kinship, and adoptive families find encouragement and practical support.

  • Children who have experienced trauma, grief, and loss can grow into the people God designed them to be.

STEP IN... become a Church Partner

Step One- Seek input from your church leadership

CLICK HERE is a list of helpful questions for you to consider

To make progress on behalf of vulnerable children in your church, no matter what the size, you must align with church leadership. Is everyone on the same page? Talk with your Pastors and leadership to determine if you're ready to move forward with this ministry focus. That will be important when you are trying to gather a group or brainstorm new ideas. While we believe the church is called to care for our most vulnerable, your church may be trying to invest deeply in a different vulnerable population. If that's the case, praise God. We can help you be a prayer and giving warrior on behalf of vulnerable children. 

Step Two- Identify a Point Person at your church

CLICK HERE for a position description for a church advocate 

Once you have the blessing of your church leadership, you need a point person. This person (or team of two or three) will have a heart for vulnerable children, the ability to pull together a group, and will serve as a liaison between your church and Project Belong. This person does NOT have to have a deep knowledge of the system, just a heart to serve vulnerable children. It's usually best if this leader isn't actively fostering/adopting. Project Belong will invest our time and resources in this team of point people and connect them to each other. No need to reinvent the wheel! Instead let's benefit from sharing ideas, plans and resources. 

Step Three- Connect with Project Belong VA

Contact a Project Belong Staff person HERE

When you partner with Project Belong, your church gains access to resources for Pastors, leaders, foster and adoptive families, volunteers and children from hard places. We help your church look internally to care well for the families inside your church. We also serve as a bridge into your community helping your church make a difference in your community. While Project Belong would welcome your church's financial support, partnership is NOT tied to money.

Step Four- Make a simple plan and... step in!

CONNECT with a Project Belong Staff Person HERE 

We like to encourage a "steady drip" ministry rather than a big splash ministry. The big splashes take a whole lot of energy that doesn't necessarily translate to forward motion. Instead, let us help you plan several strategic 'drips' through the year.

Perhaps you could plan a testimony in a service followed by a lunch for those interested in learning more? You may want to host a display table during an awareness month? Might you host a Sunday School or Book Club? 

Project Belong will resource and connect you every step of the way. You will surely benefit from networking with other like minded church advocates all over NoVA.