"I would've quit fostering if it were't for my Care Community."

-foster mom from Indiana

Parents who foster and adopt need to know they’ll be well-supported when their children arrive.

Each child has unique needs and require intentional focus from their new parents. Supporting these families in practical, hands-on ways provides a healthier context for a child’s transition into their new home. And it is prevents debilitating burnout from spent parents.

Did you know the average foster placement is 20 months? While parents pick up a rhythm, the constant service doesn't let up.

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Volunteers offer regular support for foster and adoptive families by:

  • Bringing weekly meals

  • Supplying practical needs  (bunk beds, strollers, car seats, clothing)

  • Transporting children to appointments

  • Homework help

  • Mentoring

  • Coordinating volunteers

  • Providing respite care

Help your church form effective Care Communities.

Become a trained Care Community Advocate.

We offer an online training nearly each month in partnership with a sister organization, Promise 686.

That six hour training gives your care community leader(s) tools to better understand the process and the needs of vulnerable children and the people caring for them. Once they are trained, they will have access to excellent materials to help recruit, train and organize your volunteers. Then we will connect your Care Community leaders to others around NoVA to share ideas and encouragement.

Find our next Advocate training HERE